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About Cuetara

Talking about experience and quality is easy, but maintaining these values for more than 83 years is something that only  a few can achieve.

We have achieved it. Galletas Cuétara is a 100% Mexican company that does it every day because it selects the best raw materials and also their cookies and pasta are made under the strictest quality standards.


For all this, Galletas Cuétara and its products are a classic in the taste of Mexican families and other regions. It is a great pride to be part of this company.


We serve all the needs of our consumers by offering them the best service.

The main objective of the workers of Galletas Cuetara is the recognition of our consumers in Mexico and abroad

Our history




Cuetara´s foundation

Juan & Florencia Gómez Cuétara founded a factory of cookies and pasta in Mexico City. That factory was called “La Espiga”, located in the area called “Los gallos”


Cookie factory Gómez Cuétara Hermanos, S.A. De C.V.

This year the company has an important expansion, a new factory opens with higher production and new trade name: Galletas Gómez Cuétara Hermanos, S.A. de C.V.

This expansion includes more Mexican populations.


Facilities in Veracruz

The distribution of products expands to the state of Veracruz, establishing a factory  in Veracruz city and a large part of the Mexican territory is covered. 

With this facilities the people of the region identify Galletas Cuétara as "Jarochas". (Jarocho is the affectionate name for the people born in Veracruz).


Cuétara arrives to Spain

Cuétara arrives in Spain and the first of four factories comes into operation, later one more in Portugal.

That same year the first ship of the factory in the México city opens and begins its operation.


Business growth 

Various extensions and modernizations are made to the facilities and factories.



The factory in Mexico city is expanded to three warehouses. One more oven is enabled.

Land of the Veracruz factory is acquired, it remains until today.


Sandwich & Wafer

The production of sandwich cookies and wafers for ice cream and wafers marshmallow begins in this year.


José Fernández Bravo

José Fernández Bravo, partner of the company, remains in charge of the operation for Mexico and withdraws from the one in Europe


Process automation

The production capacity is increased by 81% with the automation of some processes and the acquisition of new machinery that is unique in Mexico. Increase competitiveness.


New image

This year is very important for the company: The image of all the products is renewed and the quality of the packaging is improved, increasing the quality and freshness of our cookies. Quality is feature of all our products.

In presentations greater than 600 grams, cookies are packaged in smaller packages to preserve the freshness of the product, this is a success and ahead of the competition.


Expansion facilities in Mexico City

The expansion of the factory in Mexico ends in June of that year. It has more than 5,500 m2 of warehouse area for the finished product and loading platforms of up to 17 truck at the same time.


Expansion facilities in Veracruz

The Veracruz factory is expanded. With loading platform of 26 trucks.

The expansions also in other facilities. And our products have gained a very important place in Mexico and in other countries.


Distribution center in northern Mexico

Start the construction of our Distribution Center in the north of the country, in Monterrey, Nuevo León, with an area in its first stage of 4,300 m2.


Third factory in Nuevo Leon

We started stage 1 of Monterrey cookie facility. We keep investing in machinery, our products have gain a place in the mexican and North american market The third production factory in Nuevo León is built.

The costs in facilities are constant and our products have gained a very important place abroad.

The releases and news products are received with great success.

And we are still looking for new ideas and flavors.



We started with our first line of “barquillos” a big success!!!!


New distribution center in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

We opened a state of the art new distribution center in Guadalajara, Jalisco.


80th anniversary

80 Years of Happiness in each cookie


Business en USA

We started our business in USA in partnership with Adam foods we are licensing our brand for the United States.


Happy 2018

We are fulfilling stage 1 in Monterrey with the additions of production lines.